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Wee Care

Rose Ara Asia laboratory has formulated all the manufactured
products in Switzerland and has produced the final products after
doing the required dermatology and allergy tests in Germany.
Wee products are free from toxic ingredients and other harmful
substances like Paraben, Alcohol, SLS, and Soap. Our products pH
the level is consistent with the natural structure of the skin.
Parabens are chemical substances which are used widely in baby
care (hygiene) products but they stimulate the sensitive skin and in
addition to skin rashes, the effects of hormonal interferences, cardiac
tissue problems and neural stimulations are other hazards.
It’s a powerful cleanser which is applied in the production of the
cleansing because of the capability of being a solution in water and fat
simultaneously. This is a powerful allergenic and causes allergy,
dryness, skin rashes and other deleterious effects on the skin.
It has the high absorbent capability and penetrates into the body through
the skin and causes allergy, irritation, and dryness.
Most detergents or wet wipes contain soap which reacts with skin’s fats
and removes the useful fats of the skin and also damages to it.
Skin’s dryness and damage are the results of applying these
It is the quantity in chemistry that shows the acidity or alkalinity in
numeral form.
Every part of the body has its own pH that if it changes, the disease will be
caused. The pH used in Wee products is 5.5 which is inconsistent
with the natural structure of the skin and is used for all skin types.


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