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Health products – anti-bacterial cellulose Unimed has a variety of non-allergenic disinfectant, able to kill bacteria such as pseudomonas, Proteus mirabilis, Staphylococcus aureus, methicillin-resistant bacteria with properties such as Celine, and also no need to rinse with water , save time, portability, the elderly, the sick and all those who for whatever reason are not able to move or do not have access to water travel, is essential.

Roseara Asia under hygienic products of the company are produced in accordance with GMP standards and to ensure their efficiency, raw materials, and products under special tests of biological, chemical and physical fall.

All products are licensed by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education requirements. Unimed unique and highly advanced products and formulations for cleaning and washing of head and body, hands, face, and genitals are without water and soap. These products are used to ease the lives of the elderly, patients and ordinary people who are not able to use the produced water so that these people can easily use these products daily. All Unimed products, 

In general, when called alcohol alone is used, usually with ethanol, the alcohol or alcoholic beverages is taken from the atmosphere, or sweat. Colorless, volatile liquid with a very pungent odor of ethanol from the fermentation of sugars that can be obtained. Also, never drink any alcohol in men, alcohol say. For thousands of years, usually alcohol as one of the factors considered addictive.

Other alcohols further characterize the properties of their own, such as wood alcohol (methanol is the same) or isopropyl alcohol. The suffix “but” in the end is the chemical name of all alcohols.

Nasty smells more alcohol and ethanol from pre-history to the various reasons of health, diet, religious and fun as drinking Myrfthast work. Although Bayesian alcohol can be used less frequently, mostly because of drunkenness and values further sizes can lead to breathing problems and even death.

Other alcohols are more toxic than ethanol, which is mostly due to the need for more time to changes in metabolism and even sometimes in the processes of metabolism (metabolism) of toxic substances build. For example, methanol, which is wood alcohol, is oxidized by enzymes in the liver and produces a toxic substance formaldehyde, which can cause blindness or death.

One of the effective ways to prevent formaldehyde toxicity, bringing along its ethanol Because enzymes are formaldehyde from methanol to ethanol dehydration that are more effective, thus the link and act on the prevention of methanol. At this time methanol excreted through the kidneys to find the remaining time and the remaining formaldehyde is converted to formic acid.


-free, lanolin, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfate and having natural herbal ingredients and vitamins not only prevent but also soften dry skin and hair, while the decontaminated also and are thus having antibacterial properties inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate bad breath and body hair are. Given that these products have antioxidants, free radical damage and premature aging of the skin and the hair trap and prevent. It also set times healer formulations, skin repair and regeneration are. These products are easy to carry and always be available and for this reason, use them in any way possible and simple.
All Unimed products using world knowledge is formulated in Switzerland and Germany Dramatist laboratory has received approval for production.

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