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RoseAra-Asia Production & hygienic laboratory was founded in Salimi Industrial Town of Tabriz-Iran in 2010. This production unit currently continues its activity in the field of required female products with the brand name in order to supply the need and make the secure on the market.This company has employed the most modern and latest technology and European packaging machines in the world with the most experienced managers from Turkey. Rose Ara Asia, holder of international standard certification ISO from JAS-ANZ Company of Australia. the production process of widely used and seful products with the latest technology in the the world with the purpose of exporting and providing domestic needs and tries to be the agent of introducing these products and need supplierof the other countries with employing the best experts in this field. Constructive communication between the medical community of the country and research and development faculty of Roseara Asia and eff cient activity of more than 40 educated erations of the country has resulted in supplying the products with increasing quality in the market by using the invaluable comments and feedbacks of country expertise. PARABEN FREE: Parabens are the chemical substances which are used widely in baby care (hygiene) products but they stimulate the sensitive skin and in addition to skin rashes, the effects of hormonal interferences, cardiac tissue problems, and neural stimulations are other hazards.

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